Nigeria Netherland Chamber of Commerce





The Nigerian Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, is easily one of the oldest Chambers of Commerce in the country, having been founded 1978 by a group of Nigerian and Dutch businessmen who needed a platform for closer social and business interactions, and advisory support for individuals and business organizations from Nigeria and The Netherlands.

Since the foundation, the body has maintained close ties with notable institutions in the Netherlands particularly, the Netherlands African Business Council and the Embassy of Nigeria in The Hague.

The Chamber has gone through significant transformations over the years, through the instrumentality of some eminent Nigerians who have held the reins of leaderships of the Chamber at different times.

They include Mr. Basil E. Omiyi, Engr. Charles A. Aladewolu, Mr. Godwin .E. Omene, Dr. E. O. St. Mathew-Daniel (late), and Mrs. Ronke Ani. Others include, Chief M.A. Makinde , Chief O. I. Akinkugbe, Chief A. S. Guobadia, and late Chief S. L. Edu; to mention just few.


Transformation in the chamber over the years have largely brought about widening the scope of the services offered to members to include match making of like minded companies and business people from Nigeria and The Netherlands; Issuing position papers to the Nigerian government and making representations on matters of interest to the economic relations with the Netherlands and; Liaising with government and private sector organizations in Nigeria and the Netherlands and cooperating with other Chambers of Commerce in association with other bilateral European Chambers.

Netherlands is Nigeria’s biggest trading partner in Europe. Since 2008, trade volume between Nigeria and Netherlands was 20% of total trade between Nigeria and the European Union. Also 31% of Exports from the European Union to Nigeria is from the Netherlands.

Netherlands is highly reputed for the advancement of its Agriculture, Water Management, Construction, Public Transportation, Waste Management, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Food Processing, amongst others.

Government of Netherlands and many Dutch companies have increasingly been showing keen interest to work with select Nigerian companies as well as State Governments in areas of common interest.  The NNCC is actively promoting discussions along these lines.

The Nigerian Ambassador to Netherlands, Dr. (Mrs.) N. N. Akanbi and the Netherlands Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Bert Ronhaar, have also been supportive of NNCC and its drive to facilitate the flow of business between the two countries.

The Chamber organizes Trade Missions between Nigeria and Netherlands (both outward and inward bound), among several other initiatives.

NNCC is poised for expansion administratively and operationally: The Chairman of Council maintains that the Chamber must operate like a business entity with discernable growth projections; and has been able to introduce many innovative ideas including, the ‘newsletter’ to keep updating members about themselves and the Chamber. Some stringent criteria for membership of the Chamber have been introduced to make sure only credible and proven business people, companies and public institutions will be admitted.

Under the new operation plans, membership of the chamber has been extended to state governments which have been considered capable of converting the opportunities that the increased co-operation between Nigeria and Netherlands presents for improving the lot of the people.

Over a hundred corporate organizations are actively registered in the Nigeria Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, at present; and membership of the Chamber cuts across different sectors of the Nigeria economy including Banking, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas and Information Technology, etc. Activities of the Chamber are coordinated through committees representing different business sectors and the committee membership is drawn from members with business interests in the respective sectors.

Nigeria Netherlands Chamber of Ccmmerce


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